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Joel Winters


It shall be the policy of the House Clerk's office to strive for a work environment where everyone is treated with respect and given an opportunity to succeed.

Open Door Policy: The purpose of the open door policy is to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance. If any area of work is causing concern, employees have the responsibility to address that concern with a supervisor. Whether you have a problem, a complaint, a suggestion, or an observation, the supervisor wants to hear from you. Good communication gives the office an opportunity to improve, address concerns, and to foster better understanding of the rationale for practices, processes, and decisions. While there may not be an easy answer or solution to every concern, everyone should have the opportunity to be heard.

Abusive conduct is prohibited in this office, as well as retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, provides information about incidents of abusive conduct.

"Abusive conduct" means a pattern of incidents involving written, verbal, or electronic communications, or physical acts or gestures, or any combination thereof, directed at another employee or group of employees which intimidates, degrades, or humiliates the target. Such incidents may be overt or covert behavior, or both. Abusive conduct includes but is not limited to:

(a) Constant and harsh displays of disrespect.

(b) Behavior or language that frightens or degrades the employee alone or in public.

(c) Encouraging others to turn against the targeted employee.

(d) Ignoring or showing hostility towards an employee seeking information or assistance.

(e) Using confidential information to publicly humiliate an employee.

(f) Creating unreasonable demands, for example workload, deadlines, or duties, that set a worker up for failure.

(g) Constant and unreasonable criticism which is not part of a typical evaluation process.

(h) Deliberately denying an employee access to information or resources necessary to properly complete a task.

At the written request of an employee, conflict resolution assistance will be made available, even if no formal complaint of abusive conduct is filed. Formal complaints should be filed in writing within 25 work days of the occurrence. Complaints or concerns should be directed to a supervisor of the employee, or if the concern or complaint involves the supervisor, to _______________.

Within 5 work days of receiving a formal complaint, the supervisor or investigator shall meet with those involved, and conclude the investigation within 30 work days, unless exceptional circumstances exist. Discussion with witnesses shall be treated with discretion.

On completion of the investigation, the supervisor or investigator shall report the findings and resolution to the parties involved and the Chief of Staff within 10 work days. Records related to the initial claim and investigation will be retained in a secure manner for a period of three years.

This policy will be distributed to all new and current employees immediately upon adoption, or any amendment. It shall be reviewed and amended as needed, but reviewed at least once per year.

Rep. Joel Winters
Hillsborough 18


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